Electrical Control Panels

CTR’s UL listed electric shop manufacturers cryogenic pump controls. These electrical panel control systems range from standard start/stop units to,  the Sentinel, CTR’s  complete cryogenic pump control protection system.  Our staff includes highly qualified Electrical Engineers and Electricians. CTR personnel design and produce electrical systems using the latest technology available today.

  • Sentinel – designed to control cryogenic pumps and features automatic pump cool down, pump cavitation detection and timed pump shut down to extend the life cycle of your high pressure pump
  • VFD – our variable frequency drive can be add to your new or existing cryogenic pump controls to fill cylinders faster and more efficiently. The VFD controls the pump motor speed to fill full or partial cylinder racks without waiting for cylinder cool down during filling.
  • NEMA 4 – explosion proof controls are available for flammable products


  • Vaporizer – automatic control to switch from one vaporizer to the next vaporizer
  • Vacuum pump – start/stop controls
  • Automatic control unit for switching between vaporizers
  • Medical gas purge alarm
  • Local alarm unit for medical oxygen applications
  • Argon-A-Mixer – electronic panels control to reduce liquid loss during filling liquid cylinders
  • Liquid cylinder filling systems that are electronically controlled with digital scales to automatically start/stop liquid filling