Cryogenic Pumps

At CTR, we specialize in the highest quality cryogenic pumps that are used industry wide. Typically, such pumps are used for tasks such as liquid storage transfer into cryogenic tanks, but CTR manufactures and services numerous pumps with many more specialized applications.

The model TC-34 submerged pump, for instance, is a device that’s actually submerged into the liquid nitrogen, argon, or LNG, and is commonly used at vehicle fueling stations. Thanks to its submerged design, the TC-34 requires only minimal maintenance, while the cryogenic pump’s vertical structure provides for greater stability while pumping.

CTR Inc. also offers high pressure pumps, such as the SGV series, which are employed for heavy duty applications such as liquefying hydrogen. With its oil pressure lubricated drive, together with an integral oil pump, these heavy duty devices will operate cleanly without any external oil reservoirs needed.

Other pumps, like the NDPD series cylinder filling pump, are designed for one explicit purpose. In the case of the NDPD model, this purpose is clearly cylinder filling. The NDPD cryogenic pump works with liquid nitrogen, argon gas and, thanks to its monel suction strainer, oxygen as well. The NDPD series possesses important features like its split-drive end housing, which makes maintenance easy, or its vacuum-jacketed cold end which helps to minimize any loss of product. When it comes to pumps of all kinds, including cryogenic pumps, at CTR we offer only the highest quality in the industry.